Soaring up brand awareness – Its relevance and strategies

“A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.” – Lisa Gansky

The single most important investment that you can make in your business is building a brand. A brand that speaks for itself. A brand that depicts what you do in the most simple way possible.


Being the very first step of your marketing funnel, brand awareness is a crucial foundation to eventually acquire customers. Ranging from expanding your audience, increasing website traffic, building brand affinity, cultivating leads, outcasting any scam/fraud website’s purposeful negative reviews; brand building can help a business accomplish a number of goals and objectives. Apart from letting people know what you have to offer, brand awareness campaigns nurture those who are most interested in it.


Building online brand awareness


Considering the advent of social media, and how majority of the businesses have turned up on the internet, there’s nothing better than building an online presence that’ll pave your way to a bigger, better, and an effective brand image; regardless of how far you’ve come as a business in terms of revenue or other factors. 


Guest Blogging


Only so much mileage can be driven by assets such as website blogs and articles. This is where guest blogging comes into place – a process of pitching and writing blog posts for other publications. Brainstorming on latest ideas and trends and coming up with relevant topics to write upon is a great way to begin with. 


Working on organic social media presence


Social media is a platform where you can directly sell what you want to, depict what you do, why you do, and what your mission/vision really is. A content that adds value to your customer or say a follower, is likely to build a connection with them. Creating high-quality content and utilising all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others is a great way to enhance your organic reach.


Look for brand partnerships


There’s nothing better than doing a barter with a like-minded brand that aims to accomplish a similar goal as yours – building brand awareness. A collaboration between two brands not only creates a buzz on the internet; but also builds trust amongst people. You could consider doing a barter or a paid partnership – whatever your company supports.


Partner with influencers to create or review your brand


Paid or unpaid; influencers are another way to help your brand become visible to the target audience. You might as well end up getting organic leads and even sales due to this. Look through influencer content, use relevant hashtags and keywords, and come up with a list of influencers who can potentially take your product or a service to another level of reach. Narrow down your choices and proceed further.


Consider doing a podcast


Creating a podcast does not necessarily have to be just talking about your services directly and trying to sell, or maybe commenting on the industry that you’re in. You can get a bit creative here. Depending upon your industry, you could consider doing a podcast on a general topic that benefits the society in any way or acts as a piece of advice/suggestion to the people from that industry. It’s also a perfect way to utilise your expertise and give back to the community.


Apart from the strategies mentioned above, one could also consider building a stronger and an effective brand image by using paid advertising and utilising MarCom basics and other tactics.


About Faisal Abidi

Faisal Abidi is a serial entrepreneur and the Director and Co-Founder of RNF Technologies,which offers creative tech solutions and digital products to its 250+ clients across the globe. The company helps businesses grow with its web/mobile app development, online marketing, and gaming app development solutions.

Having worked at Google and British Telecom before starting his own venture, Faisal brings more than 12 years of experience in the tech services sector to his role as a Co-Founder. He has helped several brands become industry leaders with his knowledge of different verticals and marketing trends.

Faisal has also been a TEDx speaker and several media publications have covered his tech-driven ventures. In addition to leading RNF Technologies in an advisory capacity, he is the Founder of Resourcifi, which provides 360° IT staffing solutions.

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