Why Brands Need Influencer Marketing

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”


For some time now, influencer marketing has been an important part of most brands’ advertising efforts, from small niche brands to well-known, long-standing ones. While marketing with influencers can take many forms, such efforts can be divided into two categories: long-term partnerships and one-time sponsored posts. Both have advantages, and the specific circumstances of a brand or the goals of a specific campaign may favour one over the other. However, as with many other things, putting in the effort to build long-term relationships is the best way for brands to reap consistent and long-term benefits.


The oft-repeated word—authenticity—is at the heart of influencer marketing, although ironically. Influencers build and maintain a following by engaging with their followers in a genuine way. Influencer marketing is effective when compared to traditional advertising because it feels real and personal to the audience in a way that a glossy magazine page cannot. With this understanding, it is easy to see why long-term relationships with influencers foster a greater sense of authenticity in consumers.


Influencer marketing can be used as a stand-alone tool or as a supplement to other marketing campaigns. Long-term collaborations are essential for an authentic and effective influencer marketing campaign. The following are a few benefits for establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with influencers:


Increases Brand Awareness & Reach


Heavy-handed promotions and sales campaigns are simply an outmoded brand model. Advertising with influencers who can seamlessly integrate brand campaigns into their style and expression has become quite a sophisticated option.


Influencers can make advertising more engaging and genuine for a target audience that is frequently bombarded with tonnes of commercial advertisements every day. When an influencer recommends your products or services or mentions your brands, you gain more visibility, which not only broadens your scope but also raises brand awareness.


It further allows marketers to reach critical Millennial and Gen Z audiences, 85 percent of whom are eager to learn more about specific products via social media. In comparison to other social media marketing methods, influencer marketing provides brands with a viable, unobtrusive way to communicate with customers, despite the widespread use of ad blockers and a general distrust of overt advertisements.


Enhances Credibility & Trust


Influencers are experts in their fields, which is why their followers trust them and have significant influence over them. They’ve developed an enlightening and respectful relationship with their fans. As a result, people trust their recommendations and opinions. These suggestions will make your influencer marketing campaign feel less like advertising, implying that people are more receptive to your brand than usual.


Refined Content Strategy


It is not easy to create new and entertaining content on a regular basis. When you’re out of ideas and feeling stuck, influencer marketing can help fill the gaps in your content schedule.


Influencers who are experienced in creating engaging and quality content to interact with their followers on a daily basis will bring significant benefits to you if you can sign a content co-creation agreement. Even if you haven’t come up with any new ideas, you should plan a detailed content distribution strategy so that your company and influencers are aware of your brand’s goals.


Drives Purchase Decisions


Customers’ purchase decisions are influenced by influencers. People respect and trust their favorite influencers, which leads to a more favorable response to brands. Numerous studies show that influencers can have an impact on a customer’s purchase decision at all levels. 


Time & Cost-Effective


Businesses are finding it more difficult to promote their products or services as paid ad costs continue to rise, which is where influencer marketing can help.


Advertising through influencers is relatively inexpensive. The price of an influencer is heavily influenced by the size of the audience and the niche in question. Influencer marketing provides a whole new opportunity for brands to compete on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram with a more efficient and optimized strategy.


Signing Off


Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular for brands as social media and word-of-mouth marketing have grown in popularity. Influencers provide an excellent way to meet new customers, raise brand awareness, and increase conversions through their daily-engaged content and limitless sharing potential from their fans.

By selecting the right influencers and developing an effective influencer marketing strategy, you will be able to take your social media marketing campaigns to the next level, especially for startup brands that have been struggling to gain traction.



About Faisal Abidi

Faisal Abidi is a serial entrepreneur and the Director and Co-Founder of RNF Technologies,which offers creative tech solutions and digital products to its 250+ clients across the globe. The company helps businesses grow with its web/mobile app development, online marketing, and gaming app development solutions.

Having worked at Google and British Telecom before starting his own venture, Faisal brings more than 12 years of experience in the tech services sector to his role as a Co-Founder. He has helped several brands become industry leaders with his knowledge of different verticals and marketing trends.

Faisal has also been a TEDx speaker and several media publications have covered his tech-driven ventures. In addition to leading RNF Technologies in an advisory capacity, he is the Founder of Resourcifi, which provides 360° IT staffing solutions.

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