Must-Know Marketing Trends That Will Scale Up Your Business In No Time

“Conflict breeds attention.”


This was the sole marketing strategy of Burger King. This well-known brand desperately started a battle with McDonald’s — its then-rival and competitor. But how did starting a fight with their rival enable them to receive more revenue than ever? This is the mystery that needs special attention. 


Burger King battled with its rival at half its usual marketing budget. They started calling out McDonald’s on social media and billboards. When McDonald’s responded, people from all over the world were attracted to this conflict. Everything right, from social media to newspapers, talked about this very rivalry. A large customer base even participated in the Burn the Ad campaign. Various blogs reported the war, and people started retweeting their ads, thereby generating more publicity than ever before.


This marketing strategy gave Burger King the publicity they never paid for. (Source: )


Firstly, business owners should read case studies to help them make intelligent decisions without burning a hole in their pockets. 


Secondly, following the latest marketing trends can help business owners – be they large, small, or mid-sized companies level up in no time. 


These latest marketing trends are mentioned below:


Influencer Marketing


Contacting a social media influencer with many followers can be really challenging for a business owner. However, that’s where micro-influencers come in. These influencers have a comparatively less number of followers. Their number of followers might range from thousands to tens of thousands. Investing in such influencers to promote the products or services is the best deal.


It is important business owners invest in such influencers who come directly under their niche. Otherwise, no amount of dollars spent on influencer marketing will be able to generate leads.


Video Marketing


In today’s Reel culture, customers have a very short attention span. They want to know about a product or service in just a few seconds. It is up to video marketers who need to use these precious seconds wisely. 


Business owners must realize that long-form video content is now outdated. No customer would want to spend their precious minutes watching long-form videos when they can spend a few seconds getting to the point. Business owners need to invest in short-form content to match the footsteps of today’s generation. 


Moreover, short-form video marketing would take less resources and money. This will save business owners a lot of effort, time, and monetary resources.




Personalization is no longer just a buzzword; it’s becoming a standard practice in the marketing industry. By leveraging data and technology, businesses can personalize their marketing messages and offer customized experiences to their customers. 


From personalized emails and targeted ads to customized product recommendations, personalization can help businesses stand out from the competition and improve customer engagement and loyalty.




The case study of Burger King’s marketing strategy has demonstrated that conflict can breed attention and generate massive publicity for a brand. Business owners can learn from this and explore various marketing trends such as influencer marketing, short-form video marketing, and social responsibility to boost their brand’s visibility and reputation. By keeping up with the latest marketing trends, business owners can stay ahead of the competition and connect with their target audience more effectively. However, it is essential to approach these strategies with careful planning and consideration of the brand’s values and goals.


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