Is It Right To Choose Niche Marketing For A Personalized Approach?

Reaching out to the audience and convincing them to buy products and services is not a simple activity. Over the years, marketers have been doing their bit to revolutionize the marketing industry and finding out ways to cover the majority of the population. Like never before, businesses nowadays are heading forward with a more personalized approach by selling customized products to a specific niche or audience. This gave rise to a wholly new marketing strategy that is niche marketing. 


What is Niche Marketing?


It is a type of marketing strategy that targets only a specific group of customers out of the masses. The main difference between other marketing tactics and niche marketing is that the latter approaches the market with a hyper-centralized approach and is too picky with the audiences. 


To get deep into niche marketing, we must understand what a niche market is. A niche market is a small part of a broader segment of a market, and without the former one, it’s tough for the broad market to operate. 


Advantages of Niche Marketing 


Niche marketing, if done correctly, has many valuable benefits that can create fruitful results for any business. Even this marketing type has its cons, but we will focus on the positive aspects here.


  • Since the niche market reaches out to a specific targeted audience, it reduces the risk of competition. Where fewer people are involved in an activity, the competency automatically reduces.


  • We have seen many businesses running out of budget because of not setting out a target audience. Reaching out to just anyone will not lead your business anywhere; it will cost your time and money. Niche marketers have a bonus here. They can allocate a planned budget for a specific audience, and even if they go through loss, it is mostly bearable. 


  • Visibility is everything. Niche marketing helps your business to get personal attention from the target audience. The more visibility, the higher the chances of conversion rates. It filters out the potential customers from the larger masses. 


Two Simple Strategies To Scale Up Your Niche Marketing


These methods can help you focus on your target audience and boost your niche marketing results. 


Choose Suitable Platforms


With niche marketing, since we have a minimal audience, we must ensure that we are choosing the right online platforms. For instance, it has been observed that it is better to reach out to millennials through Instagram than any other social media networking site. Deciding on a suitable platform for your product and fully emphasizing it saves a lot of time and effort. 


Focused market research 


Niche marketing can be tricky sometimes as it demands unique and customized products according to the needs of a group. Human beings are erratic in nature, and there is a chance marketers may fail to recognize people’s needs. Therefore, it is crucial to do extensive market research before launching products or setting out marketing budgets. Understand and learn how consumer needs are changing and what can be done to bridge the gap.


About Faisal Abidi

Faisal Abidi is a serial entrepreneur and the Director and Co-Founder of RNF Technologies,which offers creative tech solutions and digital products to its 250+ clients across the globe. The company helps businesses grow with its web/mobile app development, online marketing, and gaming app development solutions.

Having worked at Google and British Telecom before starting his own venture, Faisal brings more than 12 years of experience in the tech services sector to his role as a Co-Founder. He has helped several brands become industry leaders with his knowledge of different verticals and marketing trends.

Faisal has also been a TEDx speaker and several media publications have covered his tech-driven ventures. In addition to leading RNF Technologies in an advisory capacity, he is the Founder of Resourcifi, which provides 360° IT staffing solutions.

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