Get To Know Your Customers: In-Depth Insights For Success

Knowing their customer is invaluable for any business as it boosts its sales and revenue. It is why companies have a considerable inclination towards customers’ demands, expectations, and needs. Once they understand their customers, they can design and create their products or services around them. As businesses depend on their customers to boost a brand’s reputation and awareness, knowing them well becomes an essential matter for them. 


But the question arises, how can one know about its customers’ needs, demands, and expectations from a product or service? Let’s discuss ways to understand your customers, which, when comprehended and implemented well, can result in better customer engagement and thus boost sales, revenue, and brand value. 


Quick Ways To Understand Your Customer


  • Track Real-Time Behavior Of Customers


With 75% of customers expecting a seamless experience irrespective of the channel or device, businesses need to track the actual time behavior of their customers. To better understand the audience, companies need to rely on CRM tools, suggests Raghib Khan, Co-Founder of RNF Technologies. Along with customer analytics, one can have other benefits with these CRM tools like:


  • Track performance and results of your campaigns
  • Understand your target audience better
  • Identify customer’s preferences and priorities 


  • Segregation Of Customers


When a business targets its potential customers with one marketing strategy, it doesn’t generate enough productive gains. It is why RNF Technologies’ Raghib Khan emphasizes on segregation of customers on different parameters. One can consider the type of products/services bought, frequency of purchase, geographical area, gender, and age of the customers and categorize them accordingly. Once the customers are segregated based on their purchase behavior, businesses can design their marketing and selling strategies and campaigns, keeping in mind the customer’s categories. These target-oriented marketing and selling strategies will bring you and your customers more productivity and value. 


  • Stay Active On Social Media Platforms


With an average US person spending about two hours and three minutes on social media, the global social network penetration rate is 54%. So staying out of the place where your buyers are spending so much of their time is not a suggested action. Instead, one needs to be active on these different platforms to gain the attention and trust of potential customers. It is a necessity for brands to be present on these social platforms and engage with their audience. There is no good way to know your customers, answer their questions, and build connections, highlights RNF Technologies’ Raghib Khan. One can also use social CRM to run and track social campaigns. Along with the feed updates of your customers, you get to know their choices and interests, which can help you frame your product campaigns. 


  • Focus On Personalization


Through social media engagement, one can get their customers’ personal choices and preferences, which can be used in framing personalized messages for the customer. About 80% of consumers believe that the brand’s experience is as important as its products and services. So, to boost their experience with the brand, businesses need to include personalization in their services. Make your customers feel unique and valuable for trusting and relying on your brand. Companies can share content around people’s interest areas, ask questions, and start a conversation, apart from just promoting their products or services. Know your customers, share their interests, get into conversation, and they will do the rest! Value them, and they will value them more.   


  • Get Customer’s Feedback


Another critical factor is to take feedback with grace! Instead of getting into arguments about defending any particular product or service, listen to what the customer is saying. Your product is your baby, and hearing something wrong about it is difficult. But, maybe single feedback can help you rectify the issue and make it more acceptable to others. So, always ask for customer feedback and reviews and try to resolve their issues. Again it will make them feel heard and appreciated by the businesses. 


These are the few ways to know your customers and build a better relationship with them. All these little things can make a huge difference in how customers respond to your products and services. Try them once and experience the precious return from the customers. 

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About Faisal Abidi

Faisal Abidi is a serial entrepreneur and the Director and Co-Founder of RNF Technologies,which offers creative tech solutions and digital products to its 250+ clients across the globe. The company helps businesses grow with its web/mobile app development, online marketing, and gaming app development solutions.

Having worked at Google and British Telecom before starting his own venture, Faisal brings more than 12 years of experience in the tech services sector to his role as a Co-Founder. He has helped several brands become industry leaders with his knowledge of different verticals and marketing trends.

Faisal has also been a TEDx speaker and several media publications have covered his tech-driven ventures. In addition to leading RNF Technologies in an advisory capacity, he is the Founder of Resourcifi, which provides 360° IT staffing solutions.

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